Les Foulards Rouges
Octobre 2022

  • Region Albères, Roussillon, France
  • Grapes Syrah & Grenache
  • Vineyard Organic
  • Cellar Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites
  • ABV 12%
  • Size 750ml


About the Wine

Officially the very first of the 2022 nouveau to reach us! A notorious cuvée from Jean-François Nicq, always released the October immediately following harvest, beating the famous Beaujolais Nouveau releases by a few weeks. It is incredibly youthful and fresh, bottled at pretty much the precise moment that grape juice magically becomes wine.

It's also something markedly different to what you'd typically expect from the Roussillon; what with the early harvest and the short production time, it's all bright, upfront juicy crushed fruit. Mainly Syrah, with a tiny portion of Grenache, it's a super-light red that you'll want to serve chilled. We love drinking wine like this on cold, crisp winter afternoons - it's always a bit of a thrill - but if you're patient and can hold on to it, this is a dream wine for when you're coming out of hibernation again in the spring. The only problem is we've generally long sold out by then, so plan ahead!