Leeds Wine Bar + Shop

We are open every Thursday 5-10, Friday 12-10 & Saturday 12-10.

Call by to pick up some bottles from some of the best natural wine producers out there, working with respect for the land and making the wine with as few additions as possible. Stick around for a glass or two while you’re at it, maybe with a little snack of cheese or charcuterie on the side. We aim to provide wine for the everyday table all the way up to those super-rare cuvées found tucked away on our top shelves. We hope there is something here for everyone.

From time to time we’ll have some of the brilliant importers we work with call by for a visit, or in some cases we’ll be lucky enough to host the winemakers themselves.

Keep an eye on the events page, sign up to our mailing list or follow us @waywardwines to stay in the loop on when we’re holding our next event. They are always a bit rowdy, a bit noisy and a lot of fun. If you have even a passing interest in what makes natural wine tick, we urge you to join us!

Our tiny bar and shop in the Chapel Allerton suburb of Leeds is where it all started, in 2017. This was the space we opened to give a home to the vast and varied rainbow of natural wines from Italy, France, Spain and beyond that we had spent the five years beforehand discovering, hunting out and avidly learning about.

At this point there was no-one else in the city focussing on these wines, so it was a real pleasure for us to be introducing something that we felt incredibly passionate about. We wanted to make some noise about what makes them so great and why people should care about them. We were thrilled to find out how much those who were already on board appreciated being able to swing by and pick up an obscure bottle or two that had, until now, proved somewhat elusive. For us, being able to taste the wine was key - it’s the essence of the thing, and it was how, on our early travels to the wine bars of London, Paris, Barcelona, Palermo, et al, that we got the bug ourselves.

So, even though we did not have a lot of room, we packed the shop to the rafters with as much wine as we could and made sure that every day we were open there was a different selection open by the glass to taste and explore. Someone with an understanding of these wines would always be on hand to go into as much or as little detail as you required to help you make your choices and the atmosphere would be friendly and informal.

To us, these wines are incredibly evocative of the specific place in which they were made, and the people that make them, and we wanted to get as close as we could to transporting you there, with special wines you wouldn’t find anywhere else.