Archway Warehouse

Our railway arch in Leeds city centre is not open to the public as a shop, but you are welcome to browse the 350+ wines you’ll find listed here and call by Monday-Friday to collect your order if you are in the area. If you are ordering wine for delivery, wherever you are in the country, this is where it will be shipped from.

When we started to import wine of our own, directly from the growers in France, Italy & Spain, it quickly became clear that the space in our shop was going to be woefully insufficient - so we found ourselves a railway arch in the centre of Leeds to store it instead.

As the list of wines that Wayward stocks continues to grow, the archway provides us with all the space we need to store the wine and keep it all at the right temperature. With a bit of space outside in the yard, we have the potential to host some events down here ona bigger scale to those at the shop.

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