Wayward Merch
The Indispensable Tote


    About the Merch

    Because everyone needs another tote. This one is fair trade cotton with a two-colour print and has a flat gusset bottom that will comfortably accommodate up to four bottles of wine, two magnums, or simply one jeroboam. Don’t forget to tag one on to your wine order!

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    Wayward Merch
    The Essential Tee

    We now have Tees! Available in either green on white or white on green, printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton Shirts, with our wavy Wayward logo over the breast and our circular logo on the back. Find out more.



      Wayward Merch
      The Imperative Corkscrew

      Because you can't have too many Corkscrew's right? You've bought the wine, now you just need to open it!. Don’t forget to tag one on to your wine order! Find out more.

      • Region Leeds, England
      • Grapes Not Made Out Of Grapes
      • Vineyard Not Grown In a Vineyard
      • Cellar Not Made In a Cellar