Drink In at Shop Price

Let’s face it, right now we need all the perks we can get. That’s why we thought we’d re-introduce a night at the shop where you can enjoy a great bottle with us at a seriously nice price. Starting this week, every Thursday will see the return of zero corkage, saving you a reassuring £10 on a selection of wines from our shelves.

Each week we’ll be putting together an exciting new list of bottles to choose from, all available to drink in at the shop take-out price. It probably goes without saying that this poses some incredible value and puts some very special wines well within reach - at a time when we need them the most!

Of course there will be the usual wine by the glass and snacks, should you prefer, but if you’d like to save £10 on a bottle, ask us what’s on the list!

Every Thursday 5-10pm starting November 10th.