New 2023 from Laurent Saillard!

It’s always an exciting day when we receive some new wine from Laurent. His iconic ‘Lucky You!’ cuvée has been a real staple in the Wayward cellar each spring and one that long-time followers will be happy has made a return. Lucky You! Lucky Us! 

After many years working in restaurants in New York, Laurent returned to France after deciding he was going to make wine himself.
Laurent moved to the Loire – a region very close to our hearts. After spending time working with other producers (including Nöella Morantin- one of the growers we work with as Wayward Imports) he eventually purchased the beautiful Clos Roche Blanche vineyard.
After some tricky growing seasons in the estate, Laurent now also purchases grapes from like-minded producers in the region. 

We currently have available… 

Lucky You! 2023
Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc blend.
A well-known cuvée. Full of bright fruit, minerality and texture. 

La Pause 2023
100% Gamay.
Silky and elegant, showing the grapes more serious side. 

Ça Se Discute 2023
A blend of two different varieties of Pineau d’Aunis bought from a neighbouring grower.
Bright, light, perfect sunshine drinking.