Latest Loire Gems

Following the latest drops from Thomas Puéchavy  and Noëlla Morantin (producers we work with directly as Wayward Imports) we thought the time was right to add a few Loire gems to our online shop. A region very close to our hearts, the Loire is home to a thriving community of natural winemakers making wine of immense character that often push conventional stylistic boundaries - it’s a region that never fails to excite and surprise us. These latest drops are just a few of the gems that come out of this incredibly diverse region. Wines which are made by vignerons who show exceptional respect to the land and are guided by nature, who combine experience and intuition to create wines of endless intrigue that capture a snapshot of both place and time.

Noëlla Morantin ‘LBL’ 2019 £41.50

We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on a small amount of the sublime LBL from the cellar. One of a kind Sauvignon blanc, the extra time has certainly added so many extra layers of complexity. In a very good place with a long life ahead. One of our own Wayward Imports!

Jean-Pierre Robinot ‘Lumière des Sens’ 2022 £44.75

Pineau d’Aunis is always a thrill when Jean-Pierre is involved. Compact and elegant with notes of white peppercorn, wild herbs and dark fruits. Drinking great now, this will only get better with time.

Jérôme Saurigny ‘Biclir’ 2022 £47.50

An exciting new cuvée from Jérôme. A big field blend of Grolleau, Gamay, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. A red/white blend giving us the best of both worlds, aromatic, pure and unconventional. We’d recommend acting quick – there’s not much to go around.

Thierry Hesnault ‘A Part!’ 2021 £49

Pineau D’Aunis and Gamay combine in this one-off cuvée from Thierry Hesnault. Perfumed with exotic spice and red frui. Elegance and complexity are weaved together effortlessly in this highly original wine. One to lay down, if you have the patience.

Thierry Hesnault ‘Nouvelle Vague’ 2022 £37.75

Electrically-charged Chenin Blanc offering thirst-quenching notes of pith, sea salt and a clean, stony minerality. Pure Chenin which balances complexity with ease. A vibrant, energy-inducing wine which makes so much sense in the sunshine.

Le Batossay ‘Gr Gr’ 2022 £32.75

Compelling direct-press of Grolleau Gris, a pink-skinned mutation of Grolleau Noir. A wine of real curiosity pouring a hazy shade of sunset in the glass. Combining ripe fruit and zest with sea salt, minerality and immense purity. A wonderful expression of the lesser-known grape.