Introducing Petite Nature (Ardèche)

It’s taken the best part of three years to make it happen, but we’re over the moon to welcome the first vintage release proper from Pauline Maziou of Petite Nature in Quintenas, northern Ardèche. Some of you may have spotted her spectacular ‘Bonne Etoille’ cuvée flying under the radar last year - our first shipment of which we were able to get our hands on just a dozen or so cases of.

The definition of the grassroots, artisanal winemaker. Paulette, as she is known to her friends, began her Petite Nature project in 2019 with just a half hectare of vines and a production of around 2000 bottles. The wines were, and still are, made in a tiny cellar beneath her home, that is crammed full of tanks, barrels and various pieces of manual winemaking equipment. It is a cottage industry to say the least, but the wines that emerge from this unassuming space are nothing short of stunning.

Originally from this part of France, she returned to follow the path of winemaking after leaving a media job in the city in pursuit of a lifestyle more in touch with, and in respect of nature. She trained formally before a stretch learning on the job with Jean Delobre of La Ferme des Sept Lunes, as well as the more under-the-radar, but highly influential Daniel Sage; two names one might associate with some of the most expressive wines of the Northern Rhône.

You can read a more detailed profile on Petite Nature and find all of the wines listed below here. We’ll be holding some bottles back for the Leeds shop too.

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