An Impromptu Tasting with Ben from Tillingham Wines

After a phone call from Ben earlier this week letting us know he was going to be passing through Leeds with a boot full of new vintages and forthcoming releases, we'd like to invite you to drop in to the shop tomorrow night (Friday 18th November) between 6-9pm to taste them with us.

Many of you will be familiar with the eye-catching and idiosyncratic English wines of Tillingham; they have built up a keen following at the shop since the very first 2017 vintage surfaced. In an emergent scene of growers and winemakers here on home soils, Tillingham followed in the wake of organic and biodynamic producers like Davenport and Ancre Hill - whose wines the mainstream viewed with some suspicion at the time - with an ambitious vision that has been described as 'leading the charge for natural wine in the UK'.

We've always enjoyed the wide-ranging and experimental approach at the winery - a large number of different cuvées have been released since the beginning, mixing a very English sense of place with winemaking traditions of the old world. It would not be out of place to see grapes that are sympathetic to the East Sussex climate transformed into wines inspired by old-school Italian fizz, oxidative wines of the Jura, perfumed infusions of the Ardèche, barrel-aged Burgundian Pinots or the ancient qvevri method of Georgia.

It's been a little while since any new releases from Tillingham have brightened the shelves at the shop, so we're very excited to see what Ben brings along with him. Drop in for a chat and a taste and see what you think for yourselves.

Additionally, we'll have a by the glass list for the night featuring some of the Tillingham wines we have left, including the very last 3 bottles of the long sold-out 2020 domaine vintage that we have dug out of the cellar.

Short notice we know, but we very much hope you can join us!