The latest from Noëlla Morantin (Touraine)

In tandem with last week’s new arrivals from Thomas Puechavy, we were able to squeeze some more wines from Noëlla Morantin onto the same shipment.

Along with top ups of her delightful Marie Ju ‘20, a sparkling Chenin Blanc, and Momu ‘20, her super-elegant Cab Franc, we have brought back Tango Atlantico, also from the same vintage, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a few cases of the sublime LBL from the cellar. Limited quantities of the 2019 are now available and tasting unbelievable.

Noëlla is based in Thésée and has well-established her own small domaine over two decades, following formative years working for Agnès and René Mosse, onto running the Les Bois Lucas estate and eventually coming to make wine from the feted Clos Roche Blanche before fully going it alone.

Her style is not typical of he region and as such does not fly under the flag of the Touraine appellation. The grapes are harvested at full maturity and often see a much longer élevage that is typical for a region known for its zippy, grassy whites. Ageing in barrel is standard, and in the case of most of the wines here that has been an 18-24 month process. The results show uncommon depth, texture and elegance, harnessing the body and structure given by clay and the acidity and minerality from silex in the soils.

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