May's Warehouse Session

We couldn’t have wished for a better return to warehouse session season than Antonio Gismondi’s visit to the arches last month - a biblical amount of wine was opened and a heady time was had! It’s almost time to do it all again.

On Saturday 18th May, we’re rolling up the shutters again, this time teaming up with our good friends and importer Under the Bonnet who will be bringing up our guest producer, Alex Tristram, one half of debuting English winemaking project Titch Hill, out of Worthing, East Sussex. We’ve brought you our favourite natural wines from Italy, France & Spain, now it’s time to get acquainted with one of the latest productions from home soils that takes the zero-zero approach. We’ll have all of their wine open by the glass and bottle, plus some other choice English gems that the guys at Under the Bonnet are championing.

Unsurprisingly, for a winemaker with bottles with names like ‘Wild Combination’ and ‘Ambient’, Alex is also a record collector, and he’ll be throwing down a set of music for us when not pouring his wine for you. Our longtime spar edv3ctor (check out the debut sampler on his own label, Polytype, here) will also be digging deep as usual with his ever-unpredictable selections. The airwaves are yet again in safe hands.

Cheese and more from our lovely neighbours George & Joseph, plus our guest food trader for the month, the magnificent Pizza Loco, who fearlessly push the limits of the pie in a way that could make a Napolitano’s eyes water.

Find us at at 61 & 62 Brussels Street, a short walk from Kirkgate Market, right behind the old Stinky’s Peephouse. 1-9pm, no tickets, no reservations, just come through!