Vincent Caillé X Bulles Rosé NV

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Muscadet, Loire, France
Chardonnay & Grolleau
Fermented with native yeasts, light filtration, unfined, no additional sulphites

Moving away from the more synonymous Melon de Bourgogne of this western Loire location, but still from vines planted over the same distinct gneiss and gabbro soils, this is a tasty ancestral method sparkler of mainly Chardonnay, with its blush appearance owing to a small percentage of Grolleau in the mix. The wine is fermented in the bottle with only the natural sugars, nothing else is added. After a period of time in contact with the lees the wine is disgorged by hand to remove the sediment. Chardonnay grown here has a lean, saline quality, but still with the inherent richness you’d expect from the grape. The Grolleau giving a splash of red fruit and savoury spice. As usual, an excellently constructed wine from Caillé.

Vincent has the brightness of eye and jaunty sweater we like in our winemakers. His passion is uncontained and the wines he produces show this, and indeed the level of complexity that the Gneiss and Gabbro soils of the region can produce. He uses lees ageing, large vessels, extended ageing in tank and barrel, and of course he is organic; moving to biodynamic.  He is located in Monnieres in the heart of Sèvre et Maine and has a vast array of vineyard locations covering 26 hectares. He has amassed some of the finest vineyards in the region, by careful buying and selling, and now reckons he has the perfect combination of terroirs.