Staffelter Hof Rizzy Starmust 2018

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Kröv, Mosel, Germany
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites
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This is 100% ancestral-method/pet-nat Riesling from prime parcels that underwent a very slow fermentation over the course of various months, and spent 18 months on its yeasts, or lees, for extra complexity and texture. It is high pressure with gorgeous bubbles that hold perfectly into the next day. Packed with flavour, subtleties, herbal notes, various fruit profiles... this is not your every day bubbles. Special stuff.

Made by Jan Klein, the latest generation at the helm on this historical estate which has been in the family since 1805, but operating as a winery since 862...! Jan started to produce a special range of wines with no added sulphites in 2014, a range that has now expanded to nearly ten singular wines. They are a departure from what you’d expect from the Mosel. As such the wine is labelled as ‘landwein’ - a lowly denomination that really belies the magic in the bottle, but which many contemporary German producers are working under for freedom of expression. We're inclined to think it is most definitely going to catch on.