Sous le Végétal (Jason Ligas & Patrick Bouju) Octave 2018

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Samos, Greece
Muscat de Samos
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites
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Octave, so-called owing to the eight terraces the vines are planted over on and around Mount Karvounis, is a gentle direct-press of Muscat de Samos fermented in a mixture of concrete and amphora. The various vineyard sites bring a mixture of soil types to the blend; limestone schist and quartz as well as the pervading volcanic basalt. The vessels bring a fine-grained texture to the wine and the careful extraction a delicate clarity to the aromas, which really start to open out once the wine has been open for a little while.

 Sous le Végétal is an exciting new project from young Greek winemaker Jason Ligas, in partnership with the Auvergne epicurean Patrick Bouju, based on the island of Samos. The project very much focusses on a return to traditional methods to express an indigenous grape varietal, Muscat de Samos, over the varied and unique micro-terroirs of this volcanic island. It is certain that Bouju's involvement in the project (as well as Clovis Ochin of Yard, Paris notoriety) will provide the seal of approval necessary to lead a new set of open-minded drinkers to discover and enjoy the wines of this ancient and often underrated winemaking nation.