Skyborry Ultralight Beam Perry 2019

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Knighton, Powys, Wales
Berllanderi (Red & Green)
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites
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This is a blend of Perry pear varieties originating from both England and Wales. Berllanderi Red and Berrlanderi Green. Berllanderi translates to Orchard in English. The pears were harvested by a friend in Kington, Herefordshire. The juice from these pears were blended with juice from the Gin pear and Winnals Longdon both harvested from an orchard on the outskirts of Ludlow, Shropshire. A bit like the many shades of pet-nat we list, the fermentation is completed in the bottle to create its natural effervescence. No sulphites are added throughout the process, creating a proper, wild, authentic perry that can be drunk and enjoyed in the same way as a sparkling wine. With more clement weather on the way this is just the ticket to kick off an al fresco afternoon.

Adam and Dani make Cider, Perry and a bit of apple juice in a small shed nestled in the side of the Teme Valley and 2020 will mark their 10th vintage of production. Here’s a great quote from Dani, taken from a piece he wrote for our friends Wright's Wines which explains their ethos perfectly:

“Making cider in this fashion, without the commercial yeasts and sulphites, pasteurisation and many other possible interventions, undoubtedly opens you up to many unpredictable happenings, each vintage providing different surprises (not always good ones). The variables are infinite, but you can begin to get a rough idea of what may happen as experience is gained. We are not big note keepers, and it could aid the learning process if we were, but we do things more intuitively. If you end up with something special, it is in my opinion far far more delicious than anything the mass produced alternatives can offer. In the pursuit of a consistent product for the mass market, the juice is heavily tampered with and while drinkable beverages can be made, the magic is lost.”