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Tradition Red NV LITRE

  • Region Kamptal, Austria
  • Grapes Zweigelt
  • Vineyard Organic & Biodynamic
  • Cellar Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, minimal additional sulphites
  • ABV 11%
  • Size 1000ml


About the Wine

A satisfying outsized bottling of vividly-coloured juice, made from 100% Zweigelt, a grape known for its inky pigment. As the big bottle would lead you to believe, this is pure and simple wine for the table - not the most complex, but highly sating and delicious. Fill your glasses!!

This is a blend of many different vinifications and vintages that is more than the sum of its parts. The general blend or the concepts behind how they were made are less important in understanding its concept - in their words, “The idea is to balance out the vintages like the old generations did it in the past” hence the idea of tradition. This means that the exact components can change from batch to batch though the result will always be balanced, textured, fresh, and will be a clear expression of their little corner of Kamptal.