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  • Léon Boesch La Cabane 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Léon Boesch La Cabane 2020

    Bio-dynamic viticulture here for east-facing vines on sandstone and clay. It has clear cut, zesty, lemon fruit with a hint of ginger. Excellent value Alsace that is very classical is its expression. Certified organic with Ecocert© and bio-dynamic...

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  • Montevertine Rosso 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Montevertine Rosso 2019

    Widely regarded as one of the finest producers in Tuscany, Montevertine's simply-named 'Rosso' was the first wine ever made at the estate, originally as a Chianti Classico in the 80s, before they left the DO. True to the form of a Classico, this is...

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  • Patrick Bouju Festejar! 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Patrick Bouju and Justine Loiseau Festejar! 2021

    Bouju's much-loved sparkling rosé is back with a bang (a pop?) with the new 2021 vintage. A wine that is always lots of fun and has brought much pleasure over the years. Gamay d'Auvergne is related to better-known Beaujolais Gamay, but with...

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  • Landron-Chartier Natürlich 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Landron-Chartier Natürlich 2021

    Benoit hasn't had a year like 2021 in quite a while. The four days of consecutive frost saw him lose 90% of the grapes that would typically be used in this wine. With many of his neighbours in a similar position with not much fruit to spare, he had to...

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  • Weingut Brand Wilder Satz Pur 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Weingut Brand Wilder Satz Pur 2021

    A wine that has gone through many twists and turns to end up in its final form - a great example of some experimentation and ingenuity resulting in something delicious. It's a hazy white wine, leaning towards orange territory as only some of the grapes...

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  • Domaine Durrmann Crax 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Domaine Durrmann Crax 2021

    Funky, spicy and complex 'orange' Riesling. Destemmed and macerated for 3 weeks before pressing and ageing in tank. A la Durrmann it is high acid, highly enjoyable!! The Durrmann family had made wine for generations as small farmers. Grandad had moved...

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  • Domaine Durrmann Riesling Grès Nature 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Domaine Durrmann Riesling Grès Nature 2021

    Planted over compact sandstone (the eponymous Grès), this is a typically vivid Durrmann Riesling expression, in that it has the quality of feeling electrically-charged. Mouthwatering lemon citrus with an acidity that is dialled right up to 11. A...

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  • Vini Rabasco Cancelli Rosato 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Vini Rabasco Cancelli Rosato 2021

    The Rosato Cancelli is direct-press Montepulciano from the Cancelli vineyard site, a bowl that starts at the base of the La Salita slalom run and jumps a small road to climb the gentler adjacent slope. This wine is part of a serious Abruzzo...

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  • Lamoresca Rosato 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Lamoresca Rosato 2021

    A little bit of bottled Sicilian sunshine right here in the form of this highly delicious rosato from an elevated patch of land pretty much smack-bang in the centre of Sicily. The wine is as pure as the vines are remote; here the dominating grape of the...

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  • Ramon Jané Baudili Negre 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Ramon Jané Baudili Negre 2021

    Fun, tinto sister wine to the ever-popular Baudili blanco... imagine that wine, with all its peppery citrus Xarel-lo & Parellada, but with a dominating blend of Cabernet Sauvignon thrown into the mix and a light, refreshing spritz. Unconventional?...

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  • Ramon Jané Baudili 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Ramon Jané Baudili 2021

    Simple, easygoing white - the still version of Tinc Set, which comes from the same base wine. It’s a blend of Xarel-lo & Parellada that is cold-pressed and fermented in steel, which keeps the wine squeaky clean and very drinkable...

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  • La Salada Pagès Content Blanco 2021 | Wayward Wines

    La Salada Pagès Content Blanc 2021

    Toni's easy-going table white. Veering into orange territory here as the Macabeu is blended with around 20% Xarel-lo that has been macerated on the skins for 7 months. This makes the tannic influence subtle - more a nice bit of grip - meaning this is a...

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  • La Salada Sota Els Ametllers 2021 | Wayward Wines

    La Salada Sota Els Ametllers 2021

    Malvasia de Sitges is one of those obscure grapes that is very specific to a particular place; Sitges, just south of Barcelona. The grapes are foot-crushed and sit on their skins for ten days in clay tinajas - Spanish amphora. The resulting wine has...

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  • Alessandro Viola Note di Bianco 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Alessandro Viola Note di Bianco 2021

    The grapes come from the contrada Pietra Rinosa down the valley (250m) on clayey soils. Alessandro points out that grillo is a strong variety which adapts easily to drought and consistently delivers quality and quantity. Vines are 15yo, grapes were...

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  • Jean-Pierre Robinot L'Iris 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Jean-Pierre Robinot L'Iris 2019

    Chenin Blanc from some of their oldest vines up to ninety years of age. This was pressed straight to barrel and spent two years on lees, rendering a wine of rare concentration and complexity. This taut, intensely mineral riff on the grape will age...

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  • Sistema Vinari Novetat Total 2021 LITRE | Wayward Wines

    Sistema Vinari Novetat Total 2021 LITRE

    A sunkissed blend of young vines of Callet from Felantix and Manto Negro from Consell, along with a handful of other local varieties, planted over the island’s characteristic red clay soils. The grapes were mostly destemmed, with a small quantity...

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  • Laurent Saillard Lucky You! 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Laurent Saillard Lucky You! 2021

    2021 was a tough vintage for Laurent - a whopping 90% of his annual yield was lost at Clos Roche Blanche as he was blighted by every possible elemental force going. Frost and hail can change one's fortune on a dime. Lucky You this year is the only white...

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  • Maupertuis Pink Bulles 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Maupertuis Pink Bulles 2021

    Bulles as a rule. A wine we look forward to every year, Pink Bulles is heavenly sparkling Gamay from the Auvergne; that outlying, most southerly reach of the Loire valley where the river rises and the soils are a mixed patchwork of granite, sand and...

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  • Vins d'en Tom Tinassa 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Vins d'en Tom Tinassa 2020

    Tom's debut release is a collaboration with old friend and organic grower Dioniso di Nova, made at his cellars in Castilla La Mancha. The wine celebrates the amphora, the vessels that are known as tinaja in Spain. An equal split of Airén and...

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