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  • La Stoppa Ageno 2017 | Wayward Wines

    La Stoppa Ageno 2016

    Oh Ageno... such a beautiful wine, and an absolute must for the orange-wine addicts who haven't yet tried.  The maceration here is long, around a month, leaving the tannins deep, complex, mouth-coating and tea-like. You could sit for hours picking...

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  • Patricia & Remi Bonneton - La Tangente  Libres! 2020 | Wayward Wines

    Patricia & Rémi Bonneton - La Tangente Libres! 2020

    Imported directly and exclusively by Wayward. Under their negociant label, La Tangente, this is aromatic pet-nat Muscat of the highest order, made using the same grapes from the Gard that go into their sublime Metonymia cuvée. With lively bubbles...

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  • Le Mazel Vin de Soif 2018 | Wayward Wines

    Le Mazel Vin de Soif 2018

    Vin de Soif is a true wine of thirst - Gérald’s quaffing wine. Roughly a 50/50 blend of Grenache and Carignan that, like most of the Le Mazel reds, starts off with a ten-day carbonic maceration, before being racked and allowed continue the...

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  • Le Mazel MazelRoz 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Le Mazel MazelRoz 2019

    Brand new Mazel rosé for summer rays! A new listing for us from Gérald and perfectly timed it is; this is one of those dark-fruited rosés of substance - plenty of depth and ripe n' juicy red fruits. The wine is made from Merlot that...

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  • Anders Frederik Steen New Peach on the Block 2020 MAGNUM | Wayward Wines

    Anders Frederik Steen New Peach on the Block 2020 MAGNUM

    The most incredible shade of pink, this crisp, clean and vibrant rosé offers tart raspberries and a beautiful bitterness that offers refreshment in spades. A direct press of Syrah and Merlot from their own vines, with the balance being Cabernet...

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  • Andrea Occhipinti Alea Rosa 2020 | Wayward Wines

    Andrea Occhipinti Alea Rosa 2020

    A wonderfully compact, finely chiselled way with Aleatico. Floral, but not obviously so, with fragrant notes of pink and red blossom, pink grapefruit and cherrystone fruit character on the palate, and a salty citrus finish. Maceration takes place on the...

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  • Aldo Viola Guarini Plus 2015 | Wayward Wines

    Aldo Viola Guarini Plus 2015

    How typically Italian to claim that Syrah grows better on the Island of Sicily than anywhere else in the world, particularly over its heartland in the French Rhône; but then that is Aldo Viola for you - provocative, individual and with a twinkle in...

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  • Valfaccenda Vindabeive 2020 LITRE | Wayward Wines

    Valfaccenda Vindabeive 2020 LITRE

    Nebbiolo from their younger and less exposed vines, which produce less concentrated fruit. This just spent five days on the skins, roughly half as whole bunches, before being pressed off to cuve for just a couple of months. The wine was bottled just a...

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  • Jacopo Stigliano Hiraeth 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Jacopo Stigliano Hiraeth 2019

    A wine of real purity, clarity and focus. This rosso (so light in colour it is more of a rosato really) is a field blend of seven red varieties that spent just a day on skins, before being pressed off to concrete for a year of rest. A striking shade...

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  • Jacopo Stigliano Buriana 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Jacopo Stigliano Buriana 2019

    A beautiful, bright yellow, each of the grapes seems to have added layers of complexity and intrigue. This wows with notes of citrus, minerals and herbs, fine tannins and a finish that is whistle clean. In the Bolognese dialect Buriana describes a sort...

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  • Ajola Once Upon a Time 2016 | Wayward Wines

    Ajola Once Upon a Time 2016

    With delicate flavours of mandarin and minerals, it is whistle clean with fine tannins and every little detail in place. A blend of Chardonnay, Trebbiano Toscano, Verdello and Drupeggio. The grapes were fermented on skins for ten days, before eighteen...

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  • Landron-Chartier Natürlich Rouge 2020 | Wayward Wines

    Landron-Chartier Natürlich Rouge 2020

    The red version of this unspeakably popular pet-nat, here made with a relatively obscure strain of Gamay known as Debouze. Unusually, the grape has red juice (normally the colour of the wine comes from the pigment in the skins) so this is a...

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  • Partida Creus SK Moscatel 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Partida Creus SK Moscatel 2019

    SK is fragrant Moscatel given the Partida treatment. The aromatics really draw you in - it's that tangerine blossom, lime leaf, jasmine sort of territory, which is nicely balanced by bitterness in the tailnote. Still with their trademark wild edges, but...

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  • Barranco Oscuro Tres Uves 2018 | Wayward Wines

    Barranco Oscuro Tres Uves 2018

    The tres uves in this stunning wine are Vigiriega, Vermentino and Viognier - an unlikely combination for the mountainous region of Alpujarras that stirs thoughts of Italy and France as well as Spain, but what a fantastic blend it is. The...

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  • François Saint-Lo Pet Rosé 2019 | Wayward Wines

    François Saint-Lô Pet Rosé 2019

    So the rumour goes, this delicious, juicy pét-nat never makes it out of the Saint-Lô cellars because François & co generally tend to drink it all themselves during the thirsty work of harvest time - it's easy to see why. This year...

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  • Louis Terral Marianne 2018 | Wayward Wines

    Louis Terral Marianne 2018

    Delicious Gamay at altitude from the alpine region of Bugey. Despite the elevation there is a lot of generous, toothsome fruit going on here, perhaps owing the the southerly aspect of the vines. the abundance of bramble-y fruit sits over a granitic note...

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