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  • Domaine Dugois Arbois Savagnin Sous Voile 2015 | Wayward Wines

    Domaine Dugois Arbois Savagnin Sous Voile 2015

    A great example of some Jura Savagnin given the traditional treatment - sous voile. This is the method where the wine is allowed to be exposed to oxygen as it slowly evaporates in the barrel. No wine is used to top-up, meaning the surface area slowly...

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  • Ramon Jané Baudili 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Ramon Jané Baudili 2019

    Simple, easygoing white - the still version of Tinc Set, which comes from the same base wine. It’s a blend of Xarel-lo & Parellada that is cold-pressed and fermented in steel, which keeps the wine squeaky clean and very drinkable...

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  • Vincent Caillé X Bulles Rosé NV | Wayward Wines

    Vincent Caillé X Bulles Rosé NV

    Moving away from the more synonymous Melon de Bourgogne of this western Loire location, but still from vines planted over the same distinct gneiss and gabbro soils, this is a tasty ancestral method sparkler of mainly Chardonnay, with its blush appearance...

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  • Tillingham End Grain 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Tillingham End Grain 2019

    An experimental approach with this skin-contact white, in our opinion one of the most successful from Tillingham yet! It uses mainly Ortega, a white grape that favours the English climate, along with a blend of Chardonnay, Schönburger and...

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  • Vittorio Graziano Fontana dei Boschi 2017

    Vittorio Graziano Fontana dei Boschi 2017

    Vittorio has 5 hectares near Modena that he has planted with some of Emilia’s traditional varieties grown from cuttings taken from old vineyards. He does not know the names of most of these! He works with very low yields and has been organic since...

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  • Wayward Wines | La Senda El Aqueronte 2017

    La Senda El Aqueronte 2017

    Wonderful high-altitude Mencía from a single vineyard of old vines planted over limestone clay with layers of slate and quartz. It is this specific site that lends the wine it’s pretty, lifted aromatic element - something this grape can do...

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  • Camillo Donati Ribelle Rosato 2018

    Camillo Donati Ribelle Rosato 2018

    Frothy, savoury, infinitely delicious Lambrusco-style Rosato using 100% high-acid Barbera. Candied berry fruit and lively bubbles make this an essential summer-swigger, preferably outdoors with a good supply of pizza. Camillo’s wines are all...

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  • Matassa Cuvée Romanissa 2017 | Wayward Wines

    Matassa Cuvée Romanissa 2017

    A lesser-spotted Matassa cuvée that blends Carignan with Lledoner Pelut, an obscure grape that loosely translates as ‘hairy Grenache’, so-called as it is a mutation of that particular grape and owing to its highly distinctive,...

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  • Sébastien David l’Hurluberlu 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Sébastien David l’Hurluberlu 2019

    Each year L`Hurluberlu has its own identity and it seems to be better each year. Dark and vivid purple, fresh and bright with cherry kirsch flavours; lots of dark fruits that are underpinned with a savoury, minerally character. The way Sebastien makes...

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  • Beck-Hartweg Dambach-la-Ville Riesling 2018 | Wayward Wines

    Beck-Hartweg Dambach-la-Ville Riesling 2018

    Mouthwatering Riesling of the highest order, exactly what the Alsace does best. Acidity is right up there, with lots of fresh lime, pink grapefruit citrus and stony mineral character which follows through to an impressively rounded-out structure with...

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  • Wayward Wines | Le Mazel Cuvée Mias 2018 | £21.50

    Le Mazel Cuvée Mias 2018

    Wild, bracing Viognier that is a world away from the more soft, perfumed style. Much like the Charbonnières Chardonnay, this wine is robust and packs something of a punch; a very different expression of the grape. The wine ferments spontaneously...

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  • Mikaël Bouges Prométhée 2018

    Mikaël Bouges Prométhée 2018

    A broad, textured Chenin from reasonably young vines planted over mineral-rich alluvial limestone gravel in Faverolles-sur-Cher. To emphasise the rounded structure of this wine, both fermentation and élevage takes place in old 500-litre oak...

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  • Noella Morantin LBL 2017

    Noella Morantin LBL 2017

    LBL is a nod to her past; Sauvignon Blanc from three small parcels of old vines averaging out at around 70 years in age from the old Les Bois Lucas domaine. As you'd expect from vines of this age the fruit has exceptional physiological ripeness resulting...

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  • Noëlla Morantin Stella Maris 2018

    Noëlla Morantin Stella Maris 2018

    Keeping it in the Wayward family with this one, Stella Maris is made using Sauvignon Blanc grapes bought in from the other Touraine grower we import, Mikaël Bouges. The resulting wine is very different to your typical white from this region; first...

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  • El Mozo Herrigoia Rioja 2019 | Wayward Wines

    El Mozo Herrigoia Rioja 2019

    Very tasty, very youthful, very nicely priced Rioja from El Mozo, an organic grower in Rioja Alavesa. If you prefer your Rioja in the 'joven' style - that means fresher, fruit-driven and kept away from the oak barrels; this is the one...

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  • Patrick Bouju & Justine Loiseau Super B 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Patrick Bouju & Justine Loiseau Super B 2019

    Granitic Gamay a la Bouju coming from his own vines over the volcanic soils of the Auvergne. The grapes are all destemmed, lending a softness that tempers the tension in the acidity. The fruit is bright and nimble with a fresh tartness that catches the...

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  • Denavolo Dinavolino 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Denavolo Dinavolino 2019

    Denavolo is the personal project of Giulio Armani, winemaker for La Stoppa. Dinavolino is one of those typically Emilia-Romagna wines, intensely aromatic and textured from the white grapes undergoing a lengthy skin maceration, with plenty of...

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  • Aurélien & Charlotte Houillon Côtes du Rhône 2017

    Aurélien & Charlotte Houillon Côtes du Rhône 2017

    Does the name Houillon ring a bell? Aurélien worked with his brother and sister (Emmanuel and Adeline) at Maison Pierre Overnoy in the Jura for many years. Charlotte and Aurélien took over a farm tucked in a cool and humid valley down...

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