White Wine

In this section you’ll find our selection of white wine from France, Italy, Spain and beyond. Old-vine Chardonnay from the Jurassic soils of the Jura, spiky glou-glou Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley, herby, aromatic Muscat from Greece or classical Burgundy, there is much to be investigated. Celebrated producers such as Jean-François Ganevat, Domaine Labet, Jean-Pierre Robinot and Arianna Occhipinti sit alongside other lesser-known producers who might become your latest discovery. Organic, biodynamic and natural white wine in its myriad styles.

  • Frederic Cossard Les Bressandes Beaune 2017 | Wayward Wines

    Frédéric Cossard Les Bressandes Beaune 2017

    Frederic Cossard is a larger than life character. He is a man with an infectious joie de vivre, with a real passion for life and a love of wine that runs deep. Fred wasn’t born into a family of vignerons and so had to start from scratch, no mean...

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  • Julien Labet Chardonnay Les Varrons 2015 | Wayward Wines

    Julien Labet Les Varrons Chardonnay 2016

    If you've got this far because you're on the hunt for the wines of Julien Labet then we probably don't need to go into much more detail; if you're unfamiliar then you're looking at a listing for some incredibly hard-to-find wine from one of the most...

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