Rosé Wine

There is a common misconception in this country that rosé wines should only be drunk in the clement months when the sun shines. Sure, we have some examples of the classic Provence style; pale, crisp, undeniably delicious on a summer’s day. But that’s to ignore the many other styles of wine in this category, such as the deeply-coloured rosatos to be found all over Italy, made by producers like Lamoresca in Sicily and Farnea in the Veneto. Some of the wines blur the lines between a pink wine and a red wine so light and fresh it is best served chilled. The fun is in finding out just what it is. Organic, biodynamic and natural rosé in its many multi-toned expressions.

  • Wayward Wines | Calcarius Roz 2018 Natural Wines

    Calcarius Roz 2019

    Calcarius are based in Apricena, in the northern region of Gargano, Puglia (just south of Abruzzo). Valentina Passalacqua and Danilo Marcucci oversee a farm comprising 80 hectares of vines, fruit and vegetables. This project bears the fruits of patient...

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  • Wayward Wines | L'Alezan De Rien 2018 | Wayward Wines natural wine

    L'Alezan De Rien 2018

    Rémi Bonneton started working the vineyards of the Northern Rhône in the early 2000s, not tending vines or harvesting grapes, but working with his two horses, Suspens and Palynka, offering his unique services to plough the soils at some of...

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  • Wayward Wines | Vincent & Marie Tricot Trois Bonhommes Rosé 2018 natural wine

    Vincent & Marie Tricot Trois Bonhommes Rosé 2018

    Marie and Vincent moved to the town of Orcet in the Auvergne in 2002 with their two young daughters. Vincent had been working in a winery in the Gard, and before that had studied oenology in Beaujolais while working with Patrick Cotton. It was here that...

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  • Farnea Anin 2018 | Wayward Wines

    Farnea Anin 2017

    Marco Buratti’s Azienda Agricola Farnea occupies around two hectares of vines and three hectares of woodlands in a particularly beautiful part of the Colli Euganei National Park. The land here has been planted with grapes since the eighteenth...

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  • Cantina Giardino Volpe Rosa 2017 | Wayward Wines

    Cantina Giardino Volpe Rosa 2017

    From just two rows of seventy five year old vines planted with the rare pink kind of Coda di Volpe some 500 metres above sea level. This spends two days on skins, before being pressed off to chestnut casks for élevage. Reflecting the vintage, this...

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  • Ad Vinum Levat 2016 | Wayward Wines

    Ad Vinum Levat 2016

    Here’s Seb’s story in his own words… "I am from Normandy. When I was young I was in the punk movement and also found myself in business school. After a few years I was bored with school and had no idea what to do with my life...

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  • Catherine Bernard Le Rosé 2016 | Wayward Wines

    Catherine Bernard Le Rosé 2017

    An utterly singular rosé of Carignan that we just can’t get enough of - it really isn’t like anything else we know. First of all, despite being pretty much a direct-press, the wine has presence; this isn’t light and airy, the...

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  • Lamoresca Rosato 2017 | Wayward Wines

    Lamoresca Rosato 2018

    A little bit of bottled Sicilian sunshine right here in the form of this highly delicious rosato from an elevated patch of land pretty much smack-bang in the centre of Sicily. The wine is as pure as the vines are remote; here the dominating grape of the...

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