Red Wine

In this section you’ll find our selection of red wine from France, Italy, Spain and beyond. Whether you’re looking for tense Nerello Mascalese from the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna, fragrant, juicy Zweigelt from Burgenland, indigenous, old-school grapes from Catalunya or rich, classical Syrah from the vineyards of Saint-Joseph, you’ll find plenty to pore over here. We stock more well-known names like Patrick Bouju, Frank Cornelissen, Frederic Cossard, Cantina Giardino & Partida Creus alongside plenty of other excellent growers you might not be as familiar with. Organic, biodynamic and natural red wine in its many diverse forms.

  • Sistema Vinari Lo Vilero 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Sistema Vinari Lo Vilero 2019

    A deep, dark shade of blue, this is heady with sunkissed blackcurrants, herbs and fennel but at just 11.5% of alcohol, is incredibly light on its feet. Served a little chilled, it would be wonderful as an aperitif alongside some sobrasada, black olives...

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  • Sistema Vinari Novetat Total 2019 LITRE | Wayward Wines

    Sistema Vinari Novetat Total 2019 LITRE

    The nose is thick with black fruit, red earth and wildflowers, which marry wonderfully with the gentle tannins and cascade of bitter herbs that follow. A litre of Mallorcan sunshine, this is as invigorating as it gets. A blend of Callet and Manto Negro...

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  • Sistema Vinari Fato 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Sistema Vinari Fato 2019

    Compact and elegant, the nose carries delicate scents of sea breeze, herbs and iron, while the palate brings pomegranate, minerals and dry herbs, making for a wine with an incredible sense of place. The wine formally known as ‘Chateau...

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  • Valfaccenda Vindabeive 2020 LITRE | Wayward Wines

    Valfaccenda Vindabeive 2020 LITRE

    Nebbiolo from their younger and less exposed vines, which produce less concentrated fruit. This just spent five days on the skins, roughly half as whole bunches, before being pressed off to cuve for just a couple of months. The wine was bottled just a...

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  • Jacopo Stigliano Hiraeth 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Jacopo Stigliano Hiraeth 2019

    A wine of real purity, clarity and focus. This rosso (so light in colour it is more of a rosato really) is a field blend of seven red varieties that spent just a day on skins, before being pressed off to concrete for a year of rest. A striking shade...

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  • Émélie Hurtubise Tomber des Nues 2019 MAGNUM | Wayward Wines

    Émélie Hurtubise Tomber des Nues 2019 MAGNUM

    This comes from a parcel of 1950’s Gamay vines, planted on soils heavy in limestone and clay, biodynamic for more than 20 years, with beautiful small grapes and small yields. She de-stemmed the fruit, before giving the grapes a one month maceration...

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  • Émélie Hurtubise Ouareau 2019 MAGNUM | Wayward Wines

    Émélie Hurtubise Ouareau 2019 MAGNUM

    Wonderful bright fruit, a really weightless and elegant Gamay and a magnum-only bottling. Named after the river from the summer house in Canada where Émélie grew up. Another parcel on granite, planted in the 1950’s. Harvested the...

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  • Raphaël Beysang Noah 2019 MAGNUM | Wayward Wines

    Raphaël Beysang Noah 2019 MAGNUM

    Very stony and mineral but with beautiful fresh fruit, and incredible length, this is a really special wine great to savour in large format - bottled in magnum only. Gamay from Sarcey, vines planted on Granite soils in the 1950’s. The grapes were...

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  • Raphaël Beysang CBGB 2019 LITRE | Wayward Wines

    Raphaël Beysang CBGB 2019 LITRE

    A one-off cuvée for Raphaël, but a label that some of you may recognise from Vincent Marie's No Control - the musical anology for this would be, we suppose, a cover version, as Beysang used some of the fruit from the very same vinyard parcel...

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  • Etnella Tracotanza Rosso 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Etnella Tracotanza Rosso 2019

    Electrically-charged Etna rosso with plenty of brooding charisma, its character transmitting as a fresh heap of cherries steeped in violet perfume, buoyed on a black cushion of volcanic smoke. The wine pours a translucent pale ruby owing to the splash of...

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  • Ombretta Agricola Rosso Fermo 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Ombretta Agricola Rosso Fermo 2019

    A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from Alex’s vineyards in San Donà di Piave. The grapes here were destemmed and the wine fermented on the skins for a fortnight in concrete, before eight months of ageing in old botti. This is...

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  • Mas Coutelou Sauve de la Citerne 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Mas Coutelou Sauvé de la Citerne 2019

    Brisk, brambly red blend with plenty of edge. Vivid and spicy with an abundance of deep, dark fruits. A wine that needs a bit of time once the cork is removed - decanting or opening ahead of drinking is recommended to get the best from this one. The...

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  • Mas Coutelou Buvette a Paulette 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Mas Coutelou La Buvette à Paulette 2019

    Another one of those heady, sappy, wild-edged reds that J.P. does so well, here blending Merlot, Mourvèdre & Syrah. Generous with the black and red fruit profile, bristly, unpolished tannins and cut through with a racy lick of acid. Coming in...

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  • Mas Coutelou Classe 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Mas Coutelou Classe 2019

    Classe is a red blend, but with predominantly Syrah, and that is what comes through the most noticeably here. Lots of dusty blackcurrant fruit on the nose, glossy and vibrant in the glass with loads of generous, toothsome fruit, propped up by a solid...

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  • Mendall Espartal BP 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Mendall Espartal BP 2019

    It's great to have some new wine from Laureano Serres back in the racks again. It was, after all, a glass of his nutty, vinous Macabeo in one of Barcelona's wine bars many moons ago that made us fall in love with the frenetic Catalan scene in the...

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  • Tenuta Foresto PauPau 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Tenuta Foresto PauPau 2019

    Dolcetto picked earlier, fermented as whole bunch semi-carbonic maceration before pressing. Not being fans of the ‘faceless’ Dolcetto of their region, Pauline & Francesco pushed it here into a less typical, more lively, fruitier direction...

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