Red Wine

In this section you’ll find our selection of red wine from France, Italy, Spain and beyond. Whether you’re looking for tense Nerello Mascalese from the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna, fragrant, juicy Zweigelt from Burgenland, indigenous, old-school grapes from Catalunya or rich, classical Syrah from the vineyards of Saint-Joseph, you’ll find plenty to pore over here. We stock more well-known names like Patrick Bouju, Frank Cornelissen, Frederic Cossard, Cantina Giardino & Partida Creus alongside plenty of other excellent growers you might not be as familiar with. Organic, biodynamic and natural red wine in its many diverse forms.

  • Le Coste Litrozzo Rosso 2019 (1ltr) | Wayward Wines

    Le Coste Litrozzo Rosso 2019 (1ltr)

    Every year Le Coste create three different Litrozzo wines - Rosso, Bianco & Rosato - which always time perfectly with the arrival of summer. The outsized bottles are a statement of intent; they are designed to be knocked back with abandon. Your al...

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  • L’Alezan Tango 2019 | Wayward Wines

    L’Alezan Tango 2019

    Imported directly and exclusively by Wayward Wines. Tango is a limited cuvée that Remi & Patricia bottle under their ‘La Tangente’ label, meaning the fruit has come from an alternative source outside of their own vineyards. In...

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  • Benoit Camus Vagabond 2017 | Wayward Wines

    Benoit Camus Vagabond 2017

    The first vintage we’ve received from this enegmatic producer, who until relatively recently was working hard in the vineyard but not bottling any wine under his own name. 2017 was another hot year in the South of Beaujolais, and this is a Gamay of...

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  • Gazzetta Vino Rosso 2018

    An early picking of Sangiovese and Aleatico from the vines Trish rents on the hill above Orvieto. The soil here is different to Bolsena, the remains of an old seabed, the sand and limestone are littered with shells and stones. The grapes here were...

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  • Wayward Wines | Karim Vionnet Beaujolais Villages 2018

    Karim Vionnet Beaujolais Villages 2018

    Pure, bright-fruited Beaujolais from 2 different parcels surrounded Morgon. Fermented and matured in fibreglass and cement using the reductive method, meaning the wine is kept in completely airtight conditions until bottling, preserving freshness...

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  • Jean-François Coutelou Couleurs Réunies 2018

    A huge blend of grapes from a mixed planting, some red and some white - all in! This one is all about immediacy; densely packed with layer upon layer of vibrant red and black fruit, with some lifted nice top notes from the white grapes in the mix...

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  • Wayward Wines | La Senda El Aqueronte 2017

    La Senda El Aqueronte 2017

    Wonderful high-altitude Mencía from a single vineyard of old vines planted over limestone clay with layers of slate and quartz. It is this specific site that lends the wine it’s pretty, lifted aromatic element - something this grape can do...

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  • Matassa Cuvée Romanissa 2017 | Wayward Wines

    Matassa Cuvée Romanissa 2017

    A lesser-spotted Matassa cuvée that blends Carignan with Lledoner Pelut, an obscure grape that loosely translates as ‘hairy Grenache’, so-called as it is a mutation of that particular grape and owing to its highly distinctive,...

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  • Cascina Tavijn Sessantotto 2018

    An even blend of Barbera and Ruchè destemmed and fermented together on skins for two months before being pressed off to steel vats to rest for a year. The former brings beautiful black fruits and plenty of acidity, while the latter’s...

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  • Wayward Wines | Le Mazel Cuvée Larmande 2017 | £20

    Le Mazel Cuvée Larmande 2017

    Vital, energetic Syrah made with the usual Mazel technique of semi-carbonic maceration to give the wine a dialled-back tannic structure and plenty of vivid fruit to the fore. Unlike the older vintage of Larmande we also carry, this wine is left to slowly...

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  • La Vrille et le Papillon Impair NV

    Impair is a blend of two different vintages of Cabernet Sauvignon, this particular bottling is 2015 and 2017. The older vintage sees a more typical ten-day maceration before being pressed off to old oak barrels. It is this part of the assemblage that...

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  • La Vrille et le Papillon Chapeau Melon 2018

    A delicious little entry-level Merlot, full of all the red fruit and herby spice you’d expect from the area. The grapes ferment spontaneously in steel tanks and there is no barrel ageing with this wine, keeping the fruit profile fresh and high in...

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  • Wayward Wines | Daniel Sage Prospérité de l'Entreprise 2018 | £31.50

    Daniel Sage Prospérité de l'Entreprise 2018

    A bit more dark and concentrated than some of the other Sage reds, here bringing thicker-skinned Merlot & Carignan into the mix, but nevertheless shows that trademark lightness of touch that makes his wines so distinctive, as well as so delightfully...

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  • Patrick Bouju Super B 2018

    Granitic Gamay a la Bouju coming from his own vines over the volcanic soils of the Auvergne. The grapes are all destemmed, lending a softness that tempers the tension in the acidity. The fruit is bright and nimble with a fresh tartness that catches the...

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  • Wayward Wines | Sonoma Mtn Winery Testa Field Blend 2017 LITRE

    Sonoma Mtn Winery Testa Field Blend 2017 LITRE

    Punchy, New World intensity from a historical mixed-planted site in Mendocino, where some of the vines exceed 100 years in age. 2017 was a very hot vintage and this is translated into the finished wine; the fruit retains good acidity, and the bramble-y...

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  • La Calmette Trespotz 2018

    New-school Cahors. All of the grapes come from their own vineyards, and all within Trespoux-Rassiels in the Cahors appellation. This is at the highest altitude in the region, roughly 340-360m, a point that experiences a very high diurnal range and hence...

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  • Frederic Cossard Jura Ploussard Qvevris 2018

    Ploussard from a fifty year old parcel in Rotalier, this spent three weeks on skins as whole bunches in open top fermenters, before being pressed off to Georgian qvevri to finish fermentation and nine months of élevage. It is almost impossibly...

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