Orange Wine

  • A Los Viñateros Bravos Pipeño Blanco 2017 | Wayward Wines

    A Los Viñateros Bravos Pipeño Blanco 2018

    Marmalade-y, rose blossom on the nose but underpinned with a contrasting smoky minerality. The outsized litre-bottle here going some way to describe the wine's drinkabilty. The skin contact is around three weeks, but the infusion is gentle, lending...

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  • Wayward Wines | Calcarius Nu Litr Orange 2018 1ltr natural Wine

    Calcarius Nu Litr Orange 2018 (1ltr)

    Calcarius are based in Apricena, in the northern region of Gargano, Puglia (just south of Abruzzo). Valentina Passalacqua and Danilo Marcucci oversee a farm comprising 80 hectares of vines, fruit and vegetables. This project bears the fruits of patient...

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  • Ca’Liptra Caliptra Bianco 2016 | Wayward Wines

    Ca’Liptra Caliptra Bianco 2016

    If you are yet to try a wine that can be categorised as ‘orange’ and wonder what it’s all about then here is a good place to start. This is Trebbiano with a relatively short 5-day skin maceration leaving it still recognisable as a...

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  • Ciello Baglio Bianco 2016 | Wayward Wines

    Ciello Baglio Bianco Catarratto 2016

    Entry level orange wine at a super-accessible price point! Rich, pithy fruit character, savoury herbs, ginger, spices and more abound. Some nice chalky minerality coming through too. Absolutely banging for the price and a great place to start with...

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  • Cos Rami Bianco 2015 | Wayward Wines

    Cos Rami Bianco 2018

    Structured, tea-like skin-contact white wine from the original Sicilian natural winemakers.  There is a lot of subtlety at play here, on opening the aromas are shy - this is a wine we recommend you open early or decant to let it fully open up. But...

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  • Costador Presa Romana 1905 2017 | Wayward Wines Natural Wine

    Costador Presa Romana 1905 2017

    Presa Romana 1905 is a rich, concentrated and exotically spiced Macabeo from vines that are over 100 years old. The wine is fermented on its skins in clay amphora which lends a deep golden colour to the wine and gives a granular, tannic texture on the...

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  • Wayward Wines | Domaine Bohn L'Indigène 2017 natural wine

    Domaine Bohn L'Indigène 2017

    Despite being only a few kilometres away from the touristic Andlau, the village of Reichsfeld is off the beaten path, idyllic and preserved, almost stuck in a time warp. Tucked away, up a valley and protected by the Ungersberg mountain (culminating at...

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  • Wayward Wines | Gazzetta Bianco Trilli 2018 Natural Wine

    Gazzetta Bianco Trilli 2018

    Having fallen in love with the food and wine of Italy, Trish Nelson - a native Australian - decided to move there to learn more and never left. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she travelled all over the country spending time with its most...

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  • Wayward Wines | Il Farneto Rio Rocca Spèrgle 2018 Natural Wine

    Il Farneto Rio Rocca Spèrgle 2018

    In the 1990s, Marco Bernini was an industrialist with a biodynamic dream. That dream became Agricola del Farneto, Mauro’s sustainable agriculture project in the province of Reggio Emilia. Today, Il Farneto compasses 30 hectares of farmland, of...

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  • Wayward Wines | Malvazija 2018 Natural Wine

    Piquentum Malvazija 2018

    This is a tale of a son of a Frenchwoman and an Istrian father, growing native Croatian grapes and making them in an old Mussolini-era concrete water tank. Born in French Basque Country (Jurançon) in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Dimitri...

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  • Wayward Wines | Vinos Ambiz Malvar Tinaja 2016 Natural Wine

    Vinos Ambiz Malvar Tinaja 2016

    Malvar was a new one on us, but we learned it's a local grape of the Madrid region and generally makes wines with unpolished edges - take that to the extreme when you're giving it the Ambiz treatment. The deep colour comes partly from a skin maceration...

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  • Wayward Wines | Vinos Ambiz Sauvignon Blanc Tinaja 2016 Natural Wine

    Vinos Ambiz Sauvignon Blanc Tinaja 2016

    This is one of those nothing-like-Sauvignon-Blanc-as-you-know-it kind of wines, the skin maceration and the time in the tinaja gives a wholly different expression, let alone the fact that this isn't exactly a grape you expect to encounter in Central...

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