Orange Wine

In this section you’ll find all of the white wine we’ve categorised as ‘orange’ – this means the juice has been macerated with the grape skins for as long as it takes to have a noticeable effect on the wine’s appearance, aromatics and tannic structure. Amber wine, orange wine, skin-contact wine, call it what you will – this collection features all of the idiosyncratic expressions that result from this ancient method. From masters of the art like Josko Gravner and Radikon to other noteworthy practitioners such as Slobodne and La Stoppa and plenty more besides. Organic, biodynamic and natural orange wine that never fails to play with your preconceptions.

  • La Salada Sota Els Ametllers 2021 | Wayward Wines

    La Salada Sota Els Ametllers 2021

    Malvasia de Sitges is one of those obscure grapes that is very specific to a particular place; Sitges, just south of Barcelona. The grapes are foot-crushed and sit on their skins for ten days in clay tinajas - Spanish amphora. The resulting wine has...

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  • Baglio Antico Bianco 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Baglio Antico Bianco 2021

    Entry level orange wine at a super-accessible price point! Rich, pithy fruit character, savoury herbs, ginger, spices and more abound. Some nice chalky minerality coming through too. Absolutely banging for the price and a great place to start with...

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  • Cantina Giardino T’ara Rà 2020 | Wayward Wines

    Cantina Giardino T’ara Rà 2020

    Greco from Santa Paolina and one of the highest vineyards in Campania at 650 metres above sea level. The grapes were fermented on their skins for four days, before a year of ageing in old barrels of chestnut. From soils of tufo, this is compact, elegant...

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  • Cantina Giardino Tu-Tu 2020 | Wayward Wines

    Cantina Giardino Tu-Tu 2020

    Fiano from old vines some four hundred metres above sea level in Montemarano, with the balance coming from the Gaia vineyard. It spent four days on skins and a year in old cherry wood casks. A vivid shade of straw in the glass, this is incredibly savoury...

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  • John Okro Rkatsiteli Zvari  2020 | Wayward Wines

    John Okro Rkatsiteli Zvari 2020

    A lightly macerated Georgian amber wine made using the Rkatsiteli grape, half of which is pressed off the skins and the other half left in contact with. This makes it an approachable proposition if you are new to the world of Georgian wine; the tannins...

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  • Patrick Bouju and Justine Loiseau Ergastoline 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Patrick Bouju and Justine Loiseau Ergastoline 2019

    Another négociant wine, this time using Bergeron, a highly obsure strain of Roussanne that is found in the alpine region of Savoie. Macerated on the skins and aged in barrel, it is is ripe and exotic on the nose. Dry and structured on the palate...

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  • Patrick Bouju & Justine Loiseau G&M 2020 | Wayward Wines

    Patrick Bouju & Justine Loiseau G&M 2020

    One of Patrick & Justine's collabrative négociant cuvées, made using grapes bought in from outside of their own Domaine La Bohème. This orange wine sees whole bunches (skins, stems and all) of Muscat, Grenache Gris, Riesling,...

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  • L'Arbre Blanc Les Fesses 2017 | Wayward Wines

    L'Arbre Blanc Les Fesses 2017

    A singular blend of Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc from the iron-rich volcanic soils of the Auvergne. An interesting process is at play here whereby the Sauvignon Blanc is pressed directly and then the Pinot Gris is added to this juice as whole berries...

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  • Le Coste Bianco 2020 | Wayward Wines

    Le Coste Bianco 2020

    A wonderful vintage that has really hit its stride already! Mostly Procanico with the balance being made up of Malvasia, Roscetto, Pedino, Vermentino, Romanesco and Ansonica from vineyards young and old. A fresher vintage provided more delicate grapes,...

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  • Pedro Olivares Muscat Blanc d’Argila 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Pedro Olivares Muscat Blanc d’Argila 2021

    A very original Muscat wine, with lifted, aromatics and oily, concentrated volume in the mouth. The acidity is fair, very Mediterranean, but magnified with the rounded character of lees aging. Unctuous and very long on the palate. A great new addition...

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  • Jacopo Stigliano Buriana 2020 | Wayward Wines

    Jacopo Stigliano Buriana 2020

    A beautiful, bright yellow, each of the grapes seems to have added layers of complexity and intrigue. This wows with notes of citrus, minerals and herbs, fine tannins and a finish that is whistle clean. In the Bolognese dialect Buriana describes a sort...

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  • Jacopo Stigliano Buriana Riserva 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Jacopo Stigliano Buriana Riserva 2019

    This special bottling saw an extra year of ageing, rendering a wine that is a little more rich, complex and complete. The fruit here comes from vines up to one hundred years old planted over clay and limestone on hillsides between 200 and 300 metres...

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  • François Saint-Lô Pouant 2020 | Wayward Wines

    François Saint-Lô Pouant 2020

    A very scarce lot of Chenin from a new parcel François is working very close to the caves. Soils are chalky limestone leaving a distinct mineral imprint on the wine. A gentle maceration of two weeks (reportedly how all his Chenin will be treated...

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  • François Saint-Lo Les Pouches Maceration 2020 | Wayward Wines

    François Saint-Lô Les Pouches Maceration 2020

    The macerated version of the wonderful Les Pouches Chenin - a method that makes so much sense with this taut, fleshy wine. It really boosts the overall texture and aroma, and makes that electrically-charged finish zing on for even longer. So...

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  • Cà di Noci Notte di Luna 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Cà di Noci Notte di Luna 2019

    Notte is everything we love about Italian skin-contact wines; the Malvasia & Moscato providing an almost never-ending list of complex aromatics: rose blossom, lime pith, ginger, tinned peaches, clementine zest and more. The Spergola adding an...

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  • Domaine Bohn L'Indigène 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Domaine Bohn L'Indigène 2020

    Despite being only a few kilometres away from the touristic Andlau, the village of Reichsfeld is off the beaten path, idyllic and preserved, almost stuck in a time warp. Tucked away, up a valley and protected by the Ungersberg mountain (culminating at...

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  • Testalonga El Bandito 2021 | Wayward Wines

    Testalonga El Bandito 2021

    Stunningly expressive New World orange wine; this is Chenin Blanc from 50 year-old vines planted over decomposing granite, given just over a week on the skins before being raised in tank to preserve the distinctly vinous fruit character. Like all great...

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  • La Distesa Nur 2020 | Wayward Wines

    La Distesa Nur 2020

    Corrado Dottori’s family has tended vines in San Michele near the town of Cupramontana in the Marche for three generations. The rolling hills at around 320 metres above sea level, constant sunshine, firm clay-limestone soils and that all...

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