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Orange Wine

In this section you’ll find all of the white wine we’ve categorised as ‘orange’ – this means the juice has been macerated with the grape skins for as long as it takes to have a noticeable effect on the wine’s appearance, aromatics and tannic structure. Amber wine, orange wine, skin-contact wine, call it what you will – this collection features all of the idiosyncratic expressions that result from this ancient method. From masters of the art like Josko Gravner and Radikon to other noteworthy practitioners such as Slobodne and La Stoppa and plenty more besides. Organic, biodynamic and natural orange wine that never fails to play with your preconceptions.

  • Vinos Ambiz Alba 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Vinos Ambiz Alba 2019

    A plot of 65 year old bush vines on granite and sand at 850m altitude. Bunches are foot pressed and macerated for a week before being passed to an old 2500L amphora where it spends 6 months before bottling. This vintage is both rich in fruit whilst...

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  • Fabien Jouves Skin-Contact 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Fabien Jouves Skin-Contact 2019

    A relatively new cuvée for Jouves, a producer more principally associated with new-school expressions of Malbec. This is his first white wine with a maceration, taking the ripe, tropical style of Jurançon and sliding it into orange wine...

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  • Slobodne Supermajer 2017 | Wayward Wines

    Slobodne Supermajer 2017

    Slobodne have been farming on land in Zemianske Sady near Hlohovec since 1912. Now being managed by forth and fifth generations they have a rich history that includes the loss and regaining their land during the second world war. Their 17 hectares are...

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  • Marko Fon Malvazija 2017 | Wayward Wines

    Marko Fon Malvazija 2017

    From a remote plot of forty year old vines, it spends two days on skins and a year in old casks. This is a benchmark for the varietal, combining the grape’s gorgeous aromatics and cleansing acidity with impeccable balance. The finish is salty and...

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  • Denavolo Dinavolino 2018 | Wayward Wines

    Denavolo Dinavolino 2018

    Denavolo is the personal project of Giulio Armani, winemaker for La Stoppa. Dinavolino is one of those typically Emilia-Romagna wines, intensely aromatic and textured from the white grapes undergoing a lengthy skin maceration, with plenty of...

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  • Farnea Boh.lla 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Farnea Boh.lla 2019

    From a thirty year old vineyard of Glera. The grapes were picked in early September and spent nineteen days on the skins in cuve before being transferred to bottle with a little juice from the same harvest. After refermenting, the wine rested on its lees...

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  • Wayward Wines | Malvazija 2018 Natural Wine

    Piquentum Malvazija 2018

    This is a tale of a son of a Frenchwoman and an Istrian father, growing native Croatian grapes and making them in an old Mussolini-era concrete water tank. Born in French Basque Country (Jurançon) in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Dimitri...

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  • Wayward Wines | Calcarius Nu Litr Orange 2018 1ltr natural Wine

    Calcarius Nu Litr Orange 2019 (1ltr)

    The Orange is a tasty maceration of Falanghina, a ray of Puglian sunshine, tantalising and tangerine-y. Perfect in the litre format as, at just 11% alcohol it is a wine that quenches and refreshes.  Calcarius are based in Apricena, in the...

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  • Wayward Wines |  Metonymia Blanc 2018 natural wine

    L'Alezan Metonymia Blanc 2018

    Rémi Bonneton started working the vineyards of the Northern Rhône in the early 2000s, not tending vines or harvesting grapes, but working with his two horses, Suspens and Palynka, offering his unique services to plough the soils at some of...

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  • Wayward Wines | Domaine Bohn L'Indigène 2018 natural wine

    Domaine Bohn L'Indigène 2018

    Despite being only a few kilometres away from the touristic Andlau, the village of Reichsfeld is off the beaten path, idyllic and preserved, almost stuck in a time warp. Tucked away, up a valley and protected by the Ungersberg mountain (culminating at...

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  • Costador Presa Romana 1905 2017 | Wayward Wines Natural Wine

    Costador Presa Romana 1905 2017

    Presa Romana 1905 is a rich, concentrated and exotically spiced Macabeo from vines that are over 100 years old. The wine is fermented on its skins in clay amphora which lends a deep golden colour to the wine and gives a granular, tannic texture on the...

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  • Matassa Cuvée Marguerite 2019 | Wayward Wines | natural wine

    Matassa Cuvée Marguerite 2019

    Marguerite blends the three varietals by fermenting on the skins in old wood and then ageing in small, used barriques. The fruit is veering towards tropical and has huge aromatic character. The use of barrel gives a great richness and texture to the...

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  • Cantina Giardino T’ara Rà 2018 | Wayward Wines

    Cantina Giardino T’ara Rà 2018

    This is Greco from one of the highest vineyards in Campania at 650 metres above sea level. It spends six days on skins, before a year of ageing in old barrels of chestnut, mulberry and acacia. From soils of tufo with a high percentage of sulphur, as...

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  • Cantina Giardino Tutu 2017 | Wayward Wines

    Cantina Giardino Tutu 2017

    From a ninety year old vineyard some 400 metres above sea level, this is the only Fiano they have released from the vintage, with no Gaia or Sophia being made with the grape this year. It spent four days on skins and a year in old cherry wood casks. This...

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  • Cantina Giardino T’ara Rà 2012 | Wayward Wines

    Cantina Giardino T’ara Rà 2012

    This is Greco from one of the highest vineyards in Campania at 650 metres above sea level. It spends six days on skins, before a year of ageing in old barrels of chestnut, mulberry and acacia. From soils of tufo with a high percentage of sulphur, as...

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  • La Stoppa Ageno | Wayward Wines natural wine

    La Stoppa Ageno 2015

    Oh Ageno... such a beautiful wine, and an absolute must for the orange-wine addicts who haven't yet tried.  The maceration here is long, around a month, leaving the tannins deep and complex. The fact this wine has been developing and getting to this...

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  • Gravner Breg 2010

    Grape blend obtained from different vine varieties which are fermented separately and aged together. While fermenting in Georgian amphorae buried underground, it underwent a long maceration with wild yeasts and no temperature control. After the drawing...

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