English Sparkling Wine

A collection of our favorite English sparkling wines produced using natural, minimal intervention techniques.

  • Offbeat The Search 2020 | Wayward Wines

    Offbeat Wines The Search 2020

    A light pet nat made from a 60/40 blend of Orion and Phoenix, grown on a small 1 hectare vineyard in Oxfordshire. Whole bunches were gently pressed over 7 hours, and co-fermented with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel. After a long, slow fermentation,...

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  • Offbeat Wines Full Circle 2020 | Wayward Wines

    Offbeat Wines Full Circle 2020

    Pet-nat made from an 80/20 blend of 20 year old Madeleine Angevine & Rondo grown on a 1 hectare biodynamic vineyard in Wiltshire. The fruit was pressed whole bunch, and co-fermented in a mixture of old oak and glass demijohn. Bottled via gravity...

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  • Tillingham Col 2019 | Wayward Wines

    Tillingham Col 2019

    If you forget what you read here you'll be pleased to know the wine is handily explained in bold text screen-printed onto the back of the bottle.  Our take is that Col is an experimental bit of fun playing the ideas of Champagne and Prosecco off of...

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