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Meinklang Foam Vulkan 2019

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Neusliedersee, Burgenland, Austria
Harslevelü & Juhfark
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites

A pét-nat from Meinklan’s Hungarian vineyards on the rise to the extinct volcano of Somló. Early selection of the fruit that goes into a still white wine with the same base, but here, after fermentation in steel tanks, the wine is bottled with around 10g per litre of sugar remaining so it can ferment dry under the closure of the crown cap to create its loose, lively bubbles. Great acids and highly mineral - gets the mouth watering pre-lunch or dinner.

Meinklang’s estate is somewhat larger than the other producers we typically list– 1,800 hectares in total. However, only 70 hectares are vineyards, the rest comprising farmland, cattle pasture, fields of ancient grains, and apple and pear orchards. Incredibly, the entire estate is Demeter-certified biodynamic and managed and maintained by a staff of just 30 people. Our interest in the winery was originally piqued by the wines, like this one, coming from their 2 hectares of vineyard in the volcanic region of Somlo, Hungary, just across the border from Burgenland. Somlo is an inland island, a plateau formed by an extinct volcano rising from an otherwise uniformly flat landscape, and considered to be one of the finest vineyard sites in Hungary.