Mai & Kenji Hodgson Flotsam 2019

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Anjou, Loire, France
Cabernet Franc
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites
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A very tasty, totally different style of wine from Vins Hodgson. In 2019 after some losses in their old vines, which meant the wine was mostly made up of young vine fruit, to avoid the vegetal tannins that can bring, they tried a new technique of vinification (for them), infusing the grapes in the juice of the Cabernet in the style you see in the wines of Daniel Sage. The wine is untypical, light and fresh with bright fruit and acidity that makes it very nice to drink chilled - totally delicious! 

Mai & Kenji have made a name for themselves for producing rare and expressive wines from 4 hectares of vines they took on in Anjou after a journey that started at a Japanese winery Kenji was interning at, via Vancouver (Kenji's home and where he and Mai met) then to the Loire where they impulsively bought land and set about establishing themselves. Over a relatively short period of time they have begun to produce distinctive wines of great quality, although they themselves admit they are still learning to understand the potential of the land they work on.