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Les Vignes de Babass Brutal 2017

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Layon, Loire, France
Chenin Blanc
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites

Pét-nat of Chenin Blanc from the small but lauded vineyards of Babass. As usual the fruit has real substance and clarity, with distinct stony, mineral notes up high in the mix. The ancestral method style adds a little wildness to this particular wine; the Chenin is textured and deep and the wine has that delicious, lip-smacking quality; very ripe apples, something reedy, some distant ginger-y spice... an extremely satiating bottle of fizz.

Babass is something of a legend in the natural wine world. He was formerly part of Domaine des Griottes and has now decided to go it alone with his 2.4 hectares of Cabernet Franc, Grolleau and Chenin Blanc. His wines sum up natural wine for a lot of people – wild but pure and compellingly drinkable. We're very excited to have received a small allocation of these sought-after wines.