Laurent Saillard Joy(full) 2017

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Touraine, Loire, France
Cabernet Franc & Cabernet Sauvignon
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites

French-born Laurent started one of the first natural wine bars in New York and eventually made the move into producing himself. He started off working for other growers, principally Noella Morantin, making his own wines on the side. But when the historic Clos Roche Blanche vineyard came up for sale he, in conjunction with fellow producer Julien Pineau, bought the vineyard from Didier & Catherine and they split the vineyard between them. His wines are clean, bright and punchy.

Joy(full) is an absolute delight. It's mainly Cabernet Franc and shows vibrant, bright, cherry and capsicum pepper aromas; as well as a little Cabernet Sauvignon, emphasising the overt fruity quality of the wine. The whole thing really pops and the juice has a more-ish sappy, succulence; the tannins light, but still giving something to chew on.  The wine is a mere 11% but has bags of presence, the modicum of residual sugars manifesting as some sort of liquid cherry drop; the Cab Sauv lending bold blackcurrant and subtle cedar spice.  With a light chill this is the perfect wine for the party; fresh, lots to say and impeccably dressed. Probably good taste in music too.