Julien Labet Macvin du Jura NV

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Sud Revermont, Jura, France
Chardonnay, Savagnin & Poulsard
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Macvin is a traditional fortified wine to the Jura, where unfermented grape juice is boiled down to reduce to half the volume, and then given alcohol not by fermentation, but by fortification with marc, a type of grape spirit. The resulting wine is a blend of multiple Macvin vintages. It is very sweet, but is traditionally drunk as an aperitif rather than with dessert - of course, it would work either way! We have just a tiny amount of this highly distinctive wine.

If you've got this far because you're on the hunt for the wines of Julien Labet then we probably don't need to go into much more detail; if you're unfamiliar then you're looking at a listing for some incredibly hard-to-find wine from one of the most sought-after growers in the Jura, who due to the size of the domaine, and often difficult growing conditions, produces in quantities that make allocations scant and therefore highly coveted. And for good reason - these are elegant, modern Jura wines, that have a particularly Burgundian leaning in terms of finesse, but still embrace the soils and methods of the region. The wines are generally topped-up in the 'ouillé' style in contrast to the older traditional style with partial oxidative effects under a protective cover of flora yeast.