Jean-François Coutelou La Vigne Haute 2018

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Puimisson, Languedoc, France
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites

Some magic is certainly at work here as Ol’ Jeff brings the hallmark finesse of the Northern Rhône to the supposedly les prestigious vines of the Languedoc. If you are a fan of Syrah from said region, particularly Saint-Joseph, we strongly urge you to investigate these wonderful wines as they punch above their weight in quite a major way. Dusty blackcurrant fruit, cracked black peppercorns and a floaty violet aroma; plus that definitive texture that only comes with the finest Syrah. *CLAXON SOUND*

The delicious wines of JF Coutelou were, until recently, something we only seemed to be able to get hold of when we were on trips to France. They are always a treat, combining as they do some very accomplished winemaking with exceedingly humble pricing. The domaine in Puimisson is certified organic, and Coutelou is of the firm belief that natural winemaking can only happen as a direct result of the work that is put in to the vines. All the individual grape varietals are fermented separtely here, and then the cuvée is built and blended following this. As the wines are not direct translations of specific vineyard parcels, JC allows himself some room to blend the wines differently each year depending on what he has to work with. He doesn't use sulphur at any point in the winemaking. "Grapes, work and love... The only recipe for success..." - well said, Jeff.