Frank Cornelissen Susucaru Rosato 2020 MAGNUM

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Etna, Sicily, Italy
Malvasia, Moscadella, Cattaratto & Nerello Mascalese
Certified Organic, but no treatments are used
Fermented with native yeasts, light filtration, unfined, minimal additional sulphites
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It's form an orderly queue time - Susucaru Rosato, arguably the wine that creates the biggest buzz on release here at Wayward is back again with the 2020 vintage release.

Frank Cornelissen is a Belgian in Sicily and has, for many, become synonymous with the brooding, smouldering totem of the island, Mount Etna. Helped in no small part by a certain New York rapper, Susucaru became an iconic Holy Grail for wine hunters and suddenly it wasn't just the heads that were scrambling to get their hands on one of the 25,000 bottles produced each year; a whole new audience of nascent drinkers were wondering what the fuss was about too. Sure, its easy to sneer at the hype generated around this wine, and we certainly feel that its audience has changed with each passing vintage, but we're always genuinely surprised at the sheer range of people it brings through the door year on year, many of whom are keen to use it as a stepping stone towards learning more about wine. We can only proclaim that a force for good!

But to the wine itself, as after all, that it the most important thing! Frank calls the Susucaru rosato his 'summer wine' and likens its appearance to the pale, etherial Trousseau and Poulsard expressions of the Jura in France. For us there's a whole lot more immediacy than in comparison to those sometimes shy and understated reds - here we have a blend of Etna staple Nerello Mascalese (a red grape) along with a trio of white grapes Malvasia, Moscadella & Cattaratto that provide considerable aromatic lift; adding floral and pithy citrus notes that float pleasing over that concentrated black and sour cherry fruit, the whole thing underpinned by a smoky, charcoal heart and taut, crackling acidity that very literally speaks of the fertile, mineral rich soils over which the vines are planted, on the lower slopes of a very active volcano. In his 2020 vintage report Frank has singled this wine out as his highlight of the year for its 'rich flavors and freshness combined'.

If you're unfamiliar with Frank's wine then here's your ideal jumping-in point - it's a delicious wine for hot, sunny days that is incredibly easy to get on with. If you're back for your annual fix then you know what to do.