Frank Cornelissen Munjebel Rosso 2019

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Etna, Sicily, Italy
Nerello Mascalese
Certified Organic, but no treatments are used
Fermented with native yeasts, light filtration, unfined, minimal additional sulphites
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This is another of his estate wines, made using Nerello Mascalese from a selection of his vineyards, but made at a higher quality level and with much more weight and intensity than the more easy drinking Susucaru labels.

Munjabel Rosso is Franks 'Classico' - his idea of what a traditional, balanced and rich Northern Valley Etna wine should be. If you've started with Susucaru then here is a great place to tread next to start to develop the idea of these volcanic contada and get a bit more serious. This is a powerful, dense wine that packs a lot of bonfire smoke and tense, borderline volatile, acidity around a core of the purest red cherry fruit. Tannins are broad and high in the mix following a two-month maceration, and the heat from the degrees of alcohol means that this is something that will reward a pairing with some robust, slow-cooked food. It's a very literal translation of place, and easily the most extreme example of winemaking from this area - hence its notoriety. Drinking well now and with excellent potential to gain new depths over the next decade.

There's no denying the hype around Frank but it's certainly justified. Anyone making wine in such an uncompromising style is bound to make waves, especially when it's on the side of an active volcano.