Frank Cornelissen Munjabel 9MC 2012

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Etna, Sicily, Italy
Nerello Mascalese
"We avoid all possible interventions on the land we cultivate, including any treatments, whether chemical, organic, or biodynamic, as these are all a mere reflection of the inability of man to accept nature as she is and will be"
Fermented with native yeasts, light filtration, unfined, no additional sulphites

We're very pleased to have an extremely small quantity of this wine from 2012, its second ever vintage. You'll also see from the cork that it predates the switch to the 'hi-tech' closure that you'll find in more recent Cornelissen vintages. One thing we've learned about Frank's wine as we've been able to taste more and more, is that while bottles of Contadino and Susucaru slip down so well right now, it is with his single vineyard, or 'contrada' wines that patience is greatly rewarded. It's fascinating to see where this wine is at after a bit of time. It's big - weighing in at 15% and coming across a bit like a glass of electrically-charged charcoal. The aromas, once they've had a bit of time to open up, meld bonfire smoke with a keen whiff of volatile acidity balanced to just the right level. Underneath are the deep black cherry notes you might associate with the grape but wrapped up in a fog of leathery spices, volcanic minerals and smoldering, burnt scrub. The tannins are huge and cut deep, along with the neat line of acidity that slices through the wine. Drinking well right now but still clearly with plenty of distance yet to travel; this is a wine that commands your full attention. Decant and give it plenty of time once opened, a bold plate of food and some deep meditation. Very limited quantities.