Émélie Hurtubise Tutti Frutti Pétillant 2020

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Saint-Germain-Nuelles, Beaujolais, France
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites
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This year's Tutti Frutti is a Petillant! As usual it's all Gamay, this year Emélié took the juice from a portion of the the juice of a one week whole grape maceration that is going into their 'Paltieres' cuvée. And on top of this she added the press juice from the same parcel used for Tutti Frutti last year. It was then given a short elevage in tank before bottling with some sugar left to give some bubbles. Left on the lees until disgorging by hand. Screaming with vibrant fruit, it's a wonderful summer fizz.

Emélie, originally from Quebec, worked with Aurelien Lefort and Patrick Bouju before eventually joining up with Raphaël Beysang when he was offered vines in the south of Beaujolais. Enough of the stellar CV’s - now they plough (no pun intended, but yes do use draft horses in the vineyard) their own path. For winemaking generally they macerate whole bunch, dropping the grapes into the cuve and not interfering before pressing, bottling always without any additions, fining or filtering.