Catherine Bernard Le Rosé 2018

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St Drezery, Languedoc, France
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites

An utterly singular rosé of Carignan that we just can’t get enough of - it really isn’t like anything else we know. First of all, despite being pretty much a direct-press, the wine has presence; this isn’t light and airy, the fruit is full and concentrated strawberry and raspberry, but curiously, perhaps due to some intentional oxidation, there is a toffee-like richness and a note of candied or confectionary fruit too. The acidity has a lick of balsamic, or raspberry vinegar and really gets the mouth watering and there is an intriguing unexpected waft of dry spice floating in the background too, like bay or curry leaf. There’s something crystalline about the way it’s all hung together that makes opening a bottle a real set of curveballs and surprises. Absolutely on point with some creamy Delice cheese or a sharp tomato salad.