Cantina Giardino Paski 2017

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Irpinia, Campania, Italy
Code di Volpe
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites

This is wine that, to us, tastes as if you were being transported back in time to the region's past. The wine is rustic, honest and authentic not to mention incredibly drinkable - the perfect companion to a hearty lunch or dinner, just as the wine is intended. Code di Volpe translates as 'tail of the fox' because of the distinct curved shape the bunches take on the vine. In terms of flavour the grape seems to do well in expressing the volcanic tufo soils of the area.  There is lots of peachy citrus, but a mineral bitterness and nutmeg spice as well as a pleasing almond-y nuttiness to the finish. A week on skins lends a bold tannic element that integrates beautifully over time. The wine can sometimes pack quite a punch too, but here the high altitude of the vineyard site keeps the heat in the tail in check. Nourishing, intensely satisfying wine. 

Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola of Cantina Giardino seek out plots with old vines and great aspects in Irpinia, high in the hills of Campania. They seek to champion and preserve the region’s heirloom varietals, old vines and an age old way of tending them.