St John Lunching, London

Posted by Becs on 13th Feb 2019

It’s always an absolute pleasure to head down to St John in London and our visit on Saturday 2nd February was no exception. Our hosts were as gregarious as ever, generously plying us with lovely wine & food & giving us another opportunity to chat to their winemakers who were over from France for the occasion.

As always, St John lead the way in cooking simple food exceptionally well. This time around it was pungent aioli, butter, salt & anchovy paste accompanying crudités….followed by a banging trotter and pheasant pie….and finished with their sumptuous Eccles cakes. Tough times. All this deliciousness was washed down with plentiful amounts of wine including the Boulevard Napoleon Carignan available in our Chapel Allerton shop right now. Cheers St John for a joyful afternoon!