Our next free wine tasting event

3rd Oct 2018

6pm till 10pm


After a little break on the events front we‘re back at it - our next tasting at the shop with Carte Blanche Wines and Field & Fawcett is on Wednesday 10th October!

We’ve worked with local merchant Peter Fawcett since we opened, following on from close to 15 years of reciprocal wine love at The Reliance to boot. We’re very happy to have him in the shop for the first time to pour you some wine.

It was Peter that first put Ben Llewelyn‘s Carte Blanche wines in front of us. A dynamic range of bottles that have become firm favourites, be it zinging Rias Baixas Albariño, fresh, modern Cahors, musky Chilean orange wine, or labels with swear words on them. All come from small producers working with respect for the land and the grape.

Now you’ve got the pleasure of Ben & Peter in the house together, pouring a selection of CB imports for your perusal. The drill, should you need to be reminded, is simple. Call down at any point between 6 and 10pm, grab a glass and taste your way through the wine we have open, chat with Ben & Peter directly, rather than in lecture format and find out more about the wine and where it comes from. The tasting is free, and if you would like to hang out with us for a couple of glasses afterwards, or buy a bottle to take home, then be our guest.

We hope you can join us!