• Lucy Margaux Chardonnay 2018

    Alongside the Pinot 'Noir de Florette', this is another drop from the current 2018 vintage. Much like that wine, the wilder edge of previous years has been (only ever so slightly) tamed and a softer, less spiky style pervades. This is Chardonnay with...

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  • Wayward Wines | Lucy Margaux Noir de Florette 2018 Natural wine

    Lucy Margaux Noir de Florette 2018

    Noir de Florette is the first of the 2018s we have a available from Lucy M. It feels the acidity is a little more dialled back with this vintage, the overall feel of the the wine softer and rounder. This is pretty Pinot Noir with gorgeous floral...

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  • Lucy Margaux The PM 2017 | Wayward Wines

    Lucy Margaux The PM 2017

    The 'P' in question here is Pinot Noir and the 'M' Merlot, but this isn't your conventional jammy Aussie Red. The fruit has a cooler-climate tartness to it, savoury and game-y with a fascinating lick of wild mint cutting through the soily earth. Anton...

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  • Free Run Juice Samurai Chardonnay 2019

    *EVERYDAY WAYWARD DRINKING* Easy-going Aussie Chardonnay from a project headed up by madcap Patrick Sullivan. Bold and ripe with a balanced creaminess that doesn't knock your head off with oak. Tropical fruit, those banana foam sweets and pears that...

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