Arianna Occhipinti SP68 Bianco 2021

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Vittoria, Sicily, Italy
Zibibbo & Albanello
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, minimal sulphite additions.
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An exotic wine full of musky perfume and salty ocean spray that, to us, is so evocative of Sicily. The grapes here would typically be used in Marsala production, but here Arianna takes a lighter touch, aiming for aromatics and detail over power and quantity. Zibibbo gives a huge aromatic presence, with rose blossom, lily and pithy citrus zest jumping out of the glass. The texture is rich and a very brief skin maceration adds some grip. The palate is a complex mixture of fresh citrus, wild fennel, dry turmeric spice and salty capers, ending in a balanced bitterness you'd expect from a wine with such pronounced aromatics. Put this on the table with your pasta con le sarde!