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Allante & Boulanger Mix 2017

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Rotalier, Jura, France
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites

2017 sadly resulted in a lot of grapes being lost to frost, so this one-off cuvée is an assemblage of all of their Chardonnay vines, but mainly from a lieu-dit called Les Sous Pois which was the least affected by the adverse conditions. Vines average 70 years and are planted on silty, red limestone soils. Two years in demi-muid before bottling with no additions. Great texture and with plenty of citrus zing. A Jura Chardonnay that would certainly appeal to admirers of Labet or Ganevat.

Christian and his friend Mathieu Allante have been gathering small parcels over the years, patiently waiting for opportunities, leasing, buying, clearing land and recovering abandoned vineyards. They are two men for two cellars: one in Rotalier where Christian lives and one at Mathieu’s in Gizia 15km south, a set up somehow practical since their vines are in between these two villages. Their day job is still their main source of income and they make a point of being financially independent, without pressure from banks or anyone else for that matter. They want to be able to take risks and avoid compromising to fully express their sensitivity and creativity making sulphur-free wines from sustainable farming.

There is a connection to Domaine Labet here too, Christian Boulanger has been working his aforementioned day job there for 15 years and is part of the family, a third sibling for Charline, Romain and Julien. Those that appreciate their often-spectacular wines will certainly understand how skills can be passed on and reliably manifest themselves in the work of others. A seal of approval for the wines of Allante & Boulanger, that’s for sure.