Aldo Viola Krimiso 2018

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Alcamo, Sicily, Italy
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites.
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Aldo is a hero of ours here at Wayward. The crazy and loveable lone ranger of Western Sicily is uncompromising in his winemaking style - nothing added, nothing taken away. Krimiso is 100% Catarratto, a typically Sicilian grape that here sees an expression perhaps unlike any other you may be familiar with. The wine is fermented on skins, but the maceration here is very delicate. There is no extraction, no punching down; the grapes are simply left to break down naturally during the fermentation. After that there is no pressing and the juice is run from the tank by gravity alone, a term know as ‘free run juice’. This approach gives the tannins a very subtle, softly integrated presence and the juice infuses with the bitter parts of the grape more gently. Here Aldo coaxes all sorts of things from the Catarratto that somehow reflect the Sicilian landscape; citrus and blossom, white peach, wild fennel, dry spices and a saltiness that speaks of the sea.