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Vinnaturo X Les Tetes Cabernet Franc 2016

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Bourgueil & Touraine, Loire, France
Cabernet Franc
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, minimal additional sulphites

Crunchy, youthful Cab Franc with plenty of red berry fruits and underlying capsicum freshness. Never worry about opening a bottle when you just want one glass again - these one-way bags will stay fresh once opened for at least a couple of weeks.  Although we challenge you to make one last that long.  A word from Tom about Vinnaturo:

Why this kind of wine?

Because wines made following natural or low-intervention practices eschew herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and other harmful practices in the vineyard, and also avoid over manipulation in the winery. They are environmentally friendly and represent where they are from, as well as the unique philosophies and temperaments of the people who shepherd the wine through it’s production from grape to glass. These wines wake you up, give energy, joy, inspiration.

Why this kind of packaging?

Because shipping wine across continents in heavy glass bottles is actually crazy when you think about it. If we care about the environment we must acknowledge that this is not sustainable and is completely at odds with the philosophy of making natural or low intervention wines.

Transporting wine in boxes, bags and kegs, as opposed to glass bottles, reduces C02 emissions by up to 80%.

It also makes the wine 30% cheaper.

These wines are better for the planet, and better for your pocket.