Vinnaturo | Les Tetes Cabernet Franc 2017 1.5ltr

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Touraine & Bougueil, Loire, France
Cabernet Franc
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, minimal additional sulphites

The Les Tetes collective consists of five friends who buy grapes from organic growers outside of the AOC. The grapes are therefore cheaper, but just as good! All the grapes are sourced from around Bourgueil and Touraine, where soils are very calcerous. The wines are crisp edged, energised, beautifully balanced, and very drinkable. They ferment and age the wine in concrete vats, with nothing added or taken away, except a low dose of SO2 at filling.  This is everything we love about Loire Cab franc; fruity, easy drinking and with that lovely green herbaceous note at its core. This is perfect house wine material for any domestic scenario - great to drink with a meal or on its own. Versatile, delicious wine for any occasion.