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Sánchez Romate NPU Amontillado NV

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I suppose NPU stands for Non Plus Ultra (Latin: not further), so this should be the ultimate Amontillado from Bodegas Sánchez Romate. After all it’s the favourite wine of Romate’s oenologist Reyes Gómez Rubio. It’s their younger Amontillado, compared to the Amontillado in the Old & Plus series which is a V.O.R.S. wine of 30 years of age.

Despite claims from other sources, NPU is around 15 years old

The age of this Amontillado NPU is a little unclear. Most websites (including the official claim it’s over 30 years old but this is a mistake and Reyes confirmed it is actually around 15 years old.

At the beginning of 2014, Sánchez Romate redesigned the Reservas Especiales and replaced the old standard bottles with a new, more dumpy bottle with a very contemporary slanted label. Really classy.


NPU Amontillado (19%, Sánchez Romate 2013)

Nose: a bit silent at first, it’s a classic but slightly gentle Amontillado which is quite rounded. Very dry. Pipe tobacco and toasted almonds. Even hints of praline and vanilla. Still traces of its Fino past, with a faint yeasty note. Candied orange. Also a subtle varnish top note, I love that.

Mouth: still very dry but more pungent than the nose suggested. Plenty of acidity with a some Fino saltiness and green olives. Walnuts skin, some oak as well. Really nutty, evolving towards herbal and slightly bitter notes, but always balanced by a suggestion of sweet roundness. Long, dry finish.

Availability: pretty good, it’s available from different retailers in many countries. Around € 18 which is a good price for a well-aged wine.