Le Coste Ripazzo NV

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Gradoli, Lazio, Italy
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites

Oh how we love the gorgeous, perfumed aromatics of good Aleatico here at Wayward! There's a great story behind this wine too. Gianmarco and Clementine usually make a rosato of Aleatico each year, but in 2016 the way the wine was developing wasn't deemed appropriate for the wine to be made. Skipping a vintage, they sat on the juice and then after the skin maceration of what would eventually become 2017s Rosato, the juice was pressed off the skins and the skins then added back to the tank of juice from the previous year - a method roughly comparable to the Ripasso wines of Valpolicella. This gives the wine a deeper colour, some crunchy, compact tannins and more of those heady rosewater aromatics that are so distinctive of wine made from this grape. So there you have it, the juice of 2016 with the skins of 2017 - a one-off non-vintage of sorts, a more affordable alternative for fans of their top Aleatico 'Primeur' and a dream red wine for the chiller on hazy, lazy spring afternoons... Needless to say this one is limited.