Jean-Pierre Robinot Les Années Folles 2017

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Coteaux du Loir, Loire, France
Pineau d'Aunis & Chenin Blanc
Fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered & unfined, no additional sulphites

Jean-Pierre is something of a notorious character in the world of wine due to his idiosyncratic methods and seemingly boundless energy. You see his table getting mobbed at wine fairs every time without fail, pouring bottle after bottle into expectant glasses until there isn't a drop left.  Les Années Folles is one of Robinot's famously delicious petillants, a looser style of sparkler that starts its fermentation in tank and finishes in bottle under the closure of the crown cap, where the lees sits for over a year before being disgorged. The blend of white and red grapes gives the wine a blush russet appearance and the tart berries and white peppercorns of the Pineau d'Aunis mingle nicely with the succulent, apple-y Chenin.  Absolutely no additions at any point in the process from vine to bottle - a true natural wine from an infamous producer. Get acquainted.