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Wine tasting with Winemakers Club, London

Wine tasting with Winemakers Club, London

1st Aug 2018

1st August:

Come join us from 6pm as we welcome John from Winemakers Club to the shop for another of our Meet the Importer tastings. Tonight we’ll be popping sparkling Barbera from Emilia-Romagna, Aussie Juice from Tom Shobrooke, Tuscan Rosato from Sean Ilquerilo, old vine Spanish Verdejo from Microbio Wines and mind-melting Serbian Sargamuskotaly just in case you thought we weren’t living up to our Wayward claims..

  • The tasting is free, drop in any time between 6 and closing time at 10, meet John, taste the wines, then maybe you’d like to stick around for a glass or buy a bottle to take home? It’s totally up to you.