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About Us

Wayward is a small (but we hope, perfectly-formed) shop specialising in authentic wine from independent producers using natural wine making techniques, working organically, often bio-dynamically and with minimal intervention. We are also a tiny bar and offer a daily changing list of wines by the glass, as well as cheese From George & Joseph & Charcuterie from The Reliance to snack on. 

By authentic we mean wine that is true to a specific place; the product of a particular part of the world that in its production might celebrate tradition or choose to go against it. Wine that hasn’t had its destiny decided before it starts to be made. By independent we mean growers working on a scale that focusses on quality rather than quantity and who see the whole process through from vineyard to glass themselves, leaving something of their character on the way. We generally find that wine made in this way is the wine we enjoy the most and that is why it is on our shelves. We try our best to apply these principles to your special occasion blowout bottle all the way down to your midweek table wine with possibilities for every budget. We didn’t think there was much point opening if we couldn’t offer a realistic option for every day of the week.

We haven’t tried to tick every box and offer wine from each corner of the globe - we haven’t the space! - instead we focus of the parts of the world that interest us the most; Italy and France are writ large, but we have also selected examples of winemaking from Austria, Germany, Spain, Georgia and parts of the New World too. Disparate locations, but all linked by a common thread of being a product of the grape, the land, the weather and climate of their origin. Wether you have an idea of what you want, or if you are simply curious to learn more, we welcome you warmly through the door to talk, pick a bottle, share a glass and celebrate the pleasure of good wine.